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Author: Michael Hoover | | Categories: Accounting , Bookkeeping , Payroll Taxes

If small business owners didn’t have to hire, pay, and manage employees, life would be much easier. Sadly, managing these aspects of one’s business can be overwhelming for many business owners. 

Fortunately, you can hire someone else to take care of all of this. Manhattan Bookkeepers, Inc., helps take the burden off you by giving your employees regular paychecks, and even managing your payroll taxes.

For many small businesses, hiring someone to manage Human Resource operations like benefits and paying employees is cost prohibitive. At Manhattan Bookkeepers, Inc., we can help take away the headaches of payroll with our affordable online payroll system designed for small businesses. 

Our services can take a lot of work off of your plate, and cost substantially less compared to hiring a new employee to take care of your payroll. We can manage a whole host of processes such as setting up accounting charts, correcting payroll errors, calculating state sales tax, managing inventory under periodic and perpetual systems, tracking project expenses and income tracking, yearly transaction entry, and small business bookkeeping. 

We also do state, local, and federal tax filing. Our online payroll services give your business plenty of tools to make payroll processes as easy as possible. The online payroll service you select should provide various methods to pay your employees such as physical checks and direct deposits. The service also needs to handle payment setups for new employees, payroll reports and yearly transaction entries. 

Manhattan Bookkeepers, Inc. integrates with accounting software, enabling small business owners to adopt it right into their existing workflow without any concerns. We have an amazing set of flexible features, enabling you to give multiple hourly rates to your employees, share access with your accountant, and manage time off requests. 

Our company’s affordable online full-service payroll platform covers basically everything. Your responsibility is just to enter your employee's’ payment hours, and Manhattan Bookkeepers, Inc. does the rest. In this case, the rest includes tax preparation, tax filing and direct deposits. We also offer smaller options that still manage payments, which require you to do less work on the taxes.

We also facilitate a wide range of secondary online payroll features. You can add in IRA payments, 401(k) deductions, health insurance contributions, and other retirement plans. We can also modify pay period deductions for your older employees with catchup payments as well. 

Every small business owner operates differently. As such, we provide our clients with specific and personalized services. With our expertise and diversity, we are able to deliver on our clients’ requests.

If you are looking for small business payroll service professionals who can support your business in New York City, look no further. Manhattan Bookkeepers, Inc. is a knowledgeable and truly professional company. Let us put our professionalism into your business and help you succeed.

Contact us for personalized bookkeeping services designed to meet your needs. We are available to serve you throughout the year and are happy to do so. Give us a call today and we will come to you! 

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